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Who Is Mike Messer?


Mike Messer is a Performer, Singer, Composer, Poet, Guitarist, Actor, Teacher, Producer and Artist based in New York City. He's well known and beloved as the lead singer of popular Nick Jr. children's group The Dirty Sock Funtime Band (which plays "some of the most innovative and imaginative kids music ever" - MTV). Mike's uplifting, engaging, and delightfully fun personality shines through his music and creates an atmosphere that makes his performances special for all ages. Mike's music for young people is a mix of clever, fun, get-up-and dance songs, beautiful tributes to our favorite things (from beloved pets to mom and dad), and even some kid-friendly covers and funked up versions of children’s music favorites to keep you dancing and clapping along! 

Specializing in public and private concerts, events, full band/solo acoustic performances, mommy and me music classes, birthday parties, and much more. Mike caters his performances to your needs: -Bringing musical toys (like shakers, scarves, and tambourines), which help engage kids with the music. -Learning and playing your favorite songs - from popular children's hits to family favorites. -Customizing the experience to your needs - different set lengths and styles depending on age groups and spaces, solo or band performances, etc. -Much more!

Besides playing concerts and live events, Mike teaches public and private “Mommy (or Daddy) and Me” music classes and Rock n Roll after-school all around NYC. Mike's passion for music, infectious energy, and happy  vibe inspires thousands of children each year to appreciate and cultivate a love for music.

Mike holds a BFA in drama from Carnegie Mellon University, and he also studied at the British American Drama Academy in Oxford, England. He’s lived a life traveling around the world, performing and making people feel good not just in the USA but also in Switzerand, Germany, Holland, Luxembourg, Panama, Mexico, Lebanon, Cuba, Bahrain, Japan, Italy, Guam, Spain and Greece, just to name a few.

He had the honor of touring and singing alongside the late great Billy Preston, and was honored to have been a part of theater legend Tom O’Horgan’s creative world.

He was featured in a Sesame Street episode in 1995, which was written by Little Airplane founder, Josh Selig. Mike can also be heard as the voice of "Dad" on Sprout's TV show, "Sing it, Laurie" (a show that was co-created by Selig and fellow children's singer Laurie Berkner). Mike's singing voice has been also heard in "WonderPets" and singing the theme to the international cartoon sensation "Super Wings".

He designed and works out of the small Harlem recording studio “Electric Lennyland” (named both as an homage to Jimi Hendrix’s famed studio and to Mike’s beloved cat, Lenny) that he built into his apartment, producing albums for himself and other artists, including commericals and educational music for the likes of the New York Times, Popsicle, Brainzy and and many more! If you’d like to make music at Electric Lennyland, contact Mike here at this site! You and YOUR music will be welcomed warmly!

Although Mike makes his home in NYC, he’s also lived and worked in Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Black Rock City and Pittsburgh… but he originally comes from Rockland, NY, where all the ROCK comes from. At the end of the day, his message to all music fans, young, old and anywhere in between is this: Always be free to express yourself!!!

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